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About Business Financial Consultants

Business and Financial Consultants, LLC (“BFC”) is a boutique financial consulting firm comprised of highly trained and qualified professionals. BFC’s four senior personnel have combined experience in excess of 100 years, each with a background with international accounting and consulting firms. BFC provides the level of depth and breadth of experience that you would expect to find only in large, national and international organizations. We are committed to help your business succeed by identifying and capitalizing on both current and future business opportunities.

Businesses have a normal life cycle, each stage – start-up, growth, maturity and transition – brings with it new and challenging issues. While understanding financial statements is important, one must first understand management’s philosophy, personalities, needs and abilities to provide real value to a business. In addition, we take the time to learn about your business, its place in the market and the particular risks and opportunities affecting it. With the knowledge derived from these studies coupled with our training and experience, we develop an understanding of the idiosyncrasies of the organization’s cash flows and the perceived and real needs of management and owners. At this point, we are able to determine a solution that most benefits the business and all of its constituencies.

We believe that the cost of any professional service must be justifiable. While many firms of our size focus on cost savings resulting from the elimination of levels of management and overhead associated with larger firms, we focus on maximizing profitability, whether it means cost-cutting, change in marketing philosophy, business expansion, or other changes in overall philosophy of the business. We do not believe that cheaper necessarily means better.

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